How to solve Quickbooks Error 6130:-

Quickbooks Error 6130 is basically a technical error that occurs when you try to access the company file in the network and that file is corrupt on the server. When this error occurs then an error message comes up which states that “Quickbooks is trying to access the company file but can not contact the database server.” In this article, we will discuss what are the causes and solutions of Quickbooks Error 6130. You can also check our article to solve the Quickbooks Error 1722.

Causes of Quickbooks Error 6130:-

-- When the company file which you try to open is corrupt.

-- When the Quickbooks application is not installed properly.

-- When the Quickbooks desktop on the client’s workstation is outdated and the company file is created on an upgraded version of Quickbooks.

-- When windows firewall is blocked the Quickbooks desktop application from accessing the required network ports.

-- When multiple instances of Quickbooks Database services are running simultaneously.

-- When network data or log files get damaged.

-- When some virus or malware attacks your system.

-- When the Windows registry of most recent Quickbooks programs is corrupted.

-- When your windows features get outdated then also this error occurs.

Solutions of Quickbooks Error 6130:-

Solution 1:- Fix damaged Network and Company file-

You can download the Quickbooks file doctor tool directly from the official website of Intuit or you can download the Quickbooks tool hub and from there you can use the company file issue tab and then you can run the file doctor tool.

Solution 2:- Repair the Windows Registry-

1- Firstly, click on the “start” menu then in the search box type “command” but don’t press enter key. Now, press Ctrl+shift keys together and then press “enter”.

2- Now, a dialogue box appears regarding permission, click on the “yes” option and a black box appears with a blinking dialogue box.

3- Write “regedit” in the dialogue box then press “enter” then in the File menu select the “export” option the go-to “save in list” option and select a folder where you want to save the Quickbooks desktop key.

4- Now, go to the File menu box and type the name of the backup file. Now, go to the “export range” option and ensure that you selected the branch option.

5- Now, click on the “save” option then the file will automatically save with .reg extension. Now, you have the backup of Quickbooks-related entries.

Solution 3:- Restart Quickbooks Database Service on the Server-

1- Firstly, press Windows+R keys together on your server computer and open the run window then type “services.msc” and press enter.

2- Now from the list of services search for the “QuickbooksDBXX” service where “XX” shows the version of your Quickbooks desktop software.

3- Now select the service and from the left side panel click “start”. Now, try to open the company file again.


I hope the above-mentioned information is helpful to you and now you are able to solve Quickbooks Error 6130 and if you still face any issues then you can contact the Error support team, they will help you and provide the best solution to your problem. If you want to know the solution of Quickbooks Error 3371 status code 11118 then you can check our article.